Paintshop in Kornwestheim (Stuttgart)

Surface temperature June 23rd 2010 at 13.00, outside temperature 33 °C.

This paintshop has a small office attached to the main building, the roof of which heats up to more than 70°C around noontime due to its tar-membrane surface. Result: office temperatures which are unacceptable to customers and employees. After coating the roof with CoolDry the problem is solved: the ceiling of the office is cool, the temperature inside the office pleasant.

First step: Preparation

Painter Hartmut Wolf is preparing the roof

The roof is cleaned from stones, dust, dirt, sand and plants. For normal roof-conditions a strong broom is sufficient, if it is really dirty and covered with plants it has to be power-cleaned, plants removed by wire-brush.

After the roof is ready, the Wagner airless application system is being prepared for the job. CoolDry can be easily applied by roller or brush, but we recommend airless spraying for larger surfaces. Advantage: the required 400 µm dry film thickness can be achieved with one coat which saves a lot of time. With brush / roller two coats will be necessary to achieve 400 µm, with a drying time of about 16 hours between the two coats.

For easier application with the airless system Hartmut Wolf adds about 5% water

Second step: application of CoolDry

To apply CoolDry is child´s play - standard brush or roller for outside wall-paints. Painter Wolf first applies CoolDry on the edges along the windows.

After that the whole roof is evenly sprayed, overlapping by half to ensure good coverage. Painter Wolf even takes his time for some artwork...


After 4 hours of work (including preparation and cleaning of the airless pump, cleaning of the roof and application of CoolDry) the roof of the paintshop-office is beaming in white. But mainly it is cool now.

IR-Messung nach der Beschichtung

Temperature reading after CoolDry has dried (the following day): 36-37°C compared to 73° without CoolDry. A dramatic reduction in surface temperature which of course translates into a cool ceiling inside the office and a very acceptable room temperature.

In addition the roof is now sealed against ponding water and protected against the expansion of the tar-membrane under heat, which would have ultimately resulted in cracking, blistering, and repair works to the roof.

Bottom line: A massive improvement for the landlord as well as the tenant.

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