Villa in Greece

This villa in Greece is mainly used during weekends - since the building is not being airconditioned during the week, it takes quite a few hours to cool the building down to a tolerable temperature.

CoolDry prevents that the building is heating up, improves comfort significantly and reduces the electricity bill.

Warehouse and office in Italy

Temperatur in this warehouse and office building was reduced dramatically by applying CoolDry on the roof. The pictures show that the white CoolDry has turned somewhat grey due to dust, air pollution etc. Due to the special ingredients there is hardly any effect on reflectivity (contrary to a "normal" white colour). 

On the lower pic the water outlet from the roof is clearly visible, which had constantly caused trouble and repeated minor repairs due to leakages. Since CoolDry was applied (a little thicker in that area) the issue is resolved.

Cool mobile home in France

This mobile home from a customer in France is now equipped to travel to the warmer parts of the country as well. The owner confirmed in his email (in perfect german !) that it worked very well.

Total cost including 5 ltrs of CoolDry and some accessoriers material: approx. 150 Euro. You can´t buy an airconditioning system for this amount, and it is even less noisy and more environmentally friendly with CoolDry.

Careful masking... and an absolutely perfect result. Wonderful holidays guaranteed !!

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