Save energy and preserve values

CoolDry reflects approximately 90% of the solar energy and prevents the heat-up of surfaces. Wether it is a beverage-cooling trailer or a fullsize reefer truck or a small distribution vehicle for pharmaceutical, meat or fish logistics: roofs protected by CoolDry stay cool also in the sun, the cooling unit will consume less energy and last longer.

In addition CoolDry prevents the horizontal extension of the roof and exposure to UV-rays, so the roof will last longer.

CoolDry stays elastic, seals against rainwater and is easy to repair in case of mechanical damage.


Freight company Sharbatly in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

May 2012: Sharbatly, one of the kingdoms largest freight companies, is coating their reefer truck #214 with CoolDry reflective roof paint.

Result: surface temperature of #214 stays 33% lower than sister truck 219 !

Reefer unit 214 protected by CoolDry
Only 33° surface temperature, mid of may in Jeddah!